QR Code
If you are viewing this page on a Smartphone

To download and install our app you will need a FREE QR Scanner program. Many of the Smartphones today come with a QR Scanner pre-installed. If your phone does not have a FREE QR Scanner you can download one from your relevant App Store.

Once you have installed a FREE QR Scanner, open the scanner and simply scan the QR code on the screen. The link will then appear on your phone and our app will load into  the FREE QR Scanner. Then choose "Open In Browser" and when it opens in your Browser choose "Add To Home Screen" and the app will install.

It will then be avaialble as an Icon on your Smartphone's screen.

If you are viewing this page on a PC

If you are viewing this page on a PC, please follow the instructions
above to load our App onto your Smartphone.

All major platforms supported